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I'm Lisa M. Sondag, author of The Wagging Tales of the Amazing Aida Bella One-of-a-Kind, a unique children's book that may be read or sung. It's about a dog that loves and accepts everyone who shows love and kindness, and the children in town who love to play with her.

Our mission is to spread love and kindness to all. We encourage children to learn through imagination, play, and exploration for all who choose to believe. We support and accept that all children and dogs are special!

The Amazing Aida Bella

"Hi, I'm the Amazing Aida Bella, the lovable Lagotto Romagnolo dog who inspired Lisa to compose the song and write the book.

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The Wagging Tales of the Amazing Aida Bella, One-of-a-kind

The Wagging Tales of The Amazing Aida Bella, One-of-a-Kind